If all you want this Christmas is a short break then you’re not alone. South west holiday cottage company, Classic Cottages, is reporting record sales for short breaks across the year, including Christmas.

Over the last ten years, the number of short breaks booked with the Helston-based holiday company has risen by 80% with close to 5,000 booked during 2016.

Marketing manager, Adam Ludnow, said: “Over the last ten years the number of short breaks we’ve organised has grown phenomenally.

“We saw a jump in the number being taken around 2014 and bookings have continued to grow ever since.”

Christmas breaks are growing in popularity, too, with demand at its peak for the fast-approaching festive season.

“Christmas is one of the times of year that continues to grow for us,” Ludnow said. “We’re seeing more and more people booking to spend Christmas in a part of the world that they love either with their friends and families or with their partners.”

Classic, which has properties across the south and west from Cornwall to Hampshire, is reporting a 54% rise in festive bookings year on year and an increase of 90% for short breaks over the same period.

Ludnow added: “The increasing popularity of festive short breaks is great news for our owners, meaning they can extend the number of weeks their properties can be available for rent, and it’s great news for the local economy with visitors arriving late December.”