Foot Anstey partner John Catchpole

The space and satellite team at law firm, Foot Anstey LLP, has collaborated with Spaceport Cornwall’s professional advisors to support its preparations for its first launch into space.

Spaceport Cornwall is a consortium made up of Cornwall Council, Virgin Orbit UK and Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd, set up to deliver the UK’s first launch this summer.

Spaceport Cornwall required specialist legal support and advice to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks. This had to include the new Space Industry Act 2018, planning regulations, environmental regulations, safety regulations and local authority legal requirements.

Foot Anstey drew on its expert lawyers across the firm and worked closely alongside the team at Spaceport Cornwall and its other advisers to create a detailed report providing legal advice and guidance on the route to launch. The team successfully delivered an integrated report, setting out the steps and actions that Spaceport Cornwall would need to navigate.

Foot Anstey partner John Catchpole said: “We are privileged and excited to support Spaceport Cornwall and its partners to deliver the first ever launch of a spacecraft from UK soil into orbit this summer. This first launch represents a huge milestone for the UK space sector as part of the development of the wider commercial space industry.”


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