Breaking down the tech barriers


Employment and training project, The People Hub, is launching an interactive virtual-reality experience and digital skills course to combat digital illiteracy.

This summer People Hub will be travelling around Cornwall inviting local people to try its state-of-the-art VR experience. This ties into its new ‘Get Connected’ digital skills course, where attendees will be given the opportunity to take home their own free tablet after completing the course.

With a focus on giving people confidence and a strong online skill set, the virtual reality experience will give people the chance to push themselves to complete virtual tasks that they might not have felt able to do before.

Coinciding with its virtual reality experience, and partnering with local JobCentres, People Hub is also launching a five-day, fully-funded Get Connected digital skills course. Attendees will be guided by People Hub’s connectors to gain useful, transferable skills online using a tablet. Participants will receive their own free tablet at the end of the course. The course utilises hybrid learning and covers topics such as digital basics, online safety, communicating effectively online, completing online application forms and using the best job search tools available.

People Hub manager Josh Hoole said: “We’re incredibly excited about our new VR experience and look forward to seeing local people engage with it and giving themselves that little nudge to try something new.

“We’re also really keen to get local people involved with our Get Connected course, not just because we’re offering a free tablet, but also because we know how overwhelming it can be applying to or searching for jobs when you don’t have that confidence online. The course is a really positive step for people’s digital skills development, and in helping them find a job that they might have felt was out of reach for them before.”

The Get Connected course is due to start late May. For more details, click here.