All Council car parks, together with the privately-managed Maritime Museum and Custom House Quay car parks in Falmouth will be free all day on Saturday, November 26.

The scheme responds directly to feedback from businesses and local people who identify the cost of car parking as a key component in the shoppers’ decision-making process.

Falmouth town manager, Richard Gates, said: “I’m delighted to see this idea being rolled out once again by the Falmouth BID.

“We are always looking to develop various activities that can help support the business and resident communities of Falmouth and ensure the town is seen as a must-visit place.

“It’s great that Cornwall Council, Falmouth Town Council, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners and the Maritime Museum are supporting this idea as well. In such a competitive marketplace, towns and businesses cannot stand still but rather work productively to exceed expectations, ensuring that our offer is enticing, relevant and first-class.”