Newham road scheme to go ahead


A scheme to upgrade the existing National Cycle Network route along Newham Road by widening the footway to create a shared pedestrian and cycle path, as part of the community led Truro Loops project to improve healthy transport links, is to go ahead.

Following discussions held over recent months with Newham Business Improvement District (BID), the Council has issued a formal decision to recommence works on the walking and cycling improvement Scheme on Truro’s Newham Road.

Local businesses were concerned that narrowing the road would force heavy goods vehicles onto the new pavement and endanger the lives of cyclists and pedestrians, while also impacting on access to and from the estate, which is home to 180 businesses employing 1,200 people.

The Council says the decision has been made “having full regard to the concerns raised by the Newham BID regarding the width of the road”.

It says t conducted further detailed safety analysis to produce a revised scheme design that “retains the important walking and cycling objectives of the scheme whilst also ensuring a road width that enables the safe passage of vehicular traffic”.