Support for Cornwall farmers


The agricultural landscape is set to undergo a green revolution in Cornwall with the launch of the Agri Carbon Kernow project.

Designed to empower local farmers in reducing their carbon footprint, enhancing water resilience, and fostering nature recovery on their lands, Agri Carbon Kernow aims to drive tangible environmental change while bolstering farm sustainability.

The initiative is a collaborative project, delivered on behalf of the Growth Hub and part-funded by the Good Growth Programme, with farmers participating in the programme benefiting from comprehensive assessments and action plans across three critical areas:

Carbon Footprint Reduction: Participating farms will receive expert evaluation of their carbon footprint, along with a curated list of actionable strategies to minimise it.

Water Resilience: Through detailed assessments, farmers will gain insights into their water usage practices and their impact on local watercourses.

Environmental Management: Agri Carbon Kernow will assist farmers in evaluating the natural environment of their farms, identifying opportunities for nature recovery and biodiversity enhancement.

Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for economy, said: “Agri-Carbon Kernow represents a vital step towards a more sustainable and resilient agricultural sector in Cornwall. By providing tailored support and resources, we aim to empower farmers to become champions of climate action and stewards of the natural environment.”

Places in the programme are limited and interested farmers are encouraged to secure their spot in this groundbreaking initiative. For more information, click here.