Mawgan Porth Golf Club, formerly Merlin Golf Club, has become the first golf club in Cornwall to use robotic mowers to manage its fairways.

One robot is cutting almost half of the course’s fairways, four times a week, reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

The robot, manufactured by Belrobotics and supplied by Devon Garden Machinery, has an 18 acre capacity and operates using GPS location technology with “centimetre level accuracy”.

It has five floating cutting heads and five sonar sensors for ultimate safety. The robot boasts a lower initial investment than a commercial ride-on mower and works autonomously. The high frequency of cutting means there are no grass clippings to see and grass condition improves due to the little and often cutting principal. Best of all, there is no fuel requirement, the robot uses electricity to charge its battery, and there is no noise pollution, the robot is virtually silent.

Golf club director Sarah Barlow said: “Improving sustainable practices in course management is hugely important to us and our robot, who we’ve called Ted, is going to save thousands of litres of diesel every year, whilst freeing up our greens team to tackle the more difficult jobs and allow us to take the course to the next level.”