Lungfish spills copywriting secrets


Cornwall-based copywriting agency Lungfish has published a new, free booklet aimed at helping businesses improve their day-to-day writing.

David McGuire
David McGuire

(Almost) everything you’ll ever need to know about copywriting for your business contains advice on writing PR quotes, tips on blogging, and makes the case for why marketing emails should never be called “newsletters”.

The guide was penned by Lungfish’s lead copywriter, David McGuire, distilling over a decade’s experience writing marketing and PR materials for the likes of Oracle, Mitsubishi and The Cornwall Development Company.

“We’re on a bit of a mission to make copywriting a bit less mysterious,” he said. “We hope the book will help more companies communicate better, more of the time.”

The booklet’s introduction sums up its advice as:

  1. Think about who’s reading, and why
  2. Be really honest
  3. Use your common sense

McGuire said: “People think copywriting is all about being wordy. But really, it’s more about finding the right messages. Understanding the audience. Telling the stories that’ll make your customers care.

“Much as it would suit us here at Lungfish, you can’t hire a copywriting agency for everything you need to write. And that’s where this booklet comes in.”

The guide can be obtained from the Lungfish website, or by emailing