Disability employment highlighted


An open day highlighting issues surrounding disability employment was held last week in Truro with MP Sarah Newton as guest of honour.

The open day , focused on the role of Pluss in getting disabled people back into work and was an opportunity for customers and businesses who have been supported by the social enterprise as well as the team themselves to reflect on all the work and success they have shared in the South West.

Newton, MP for Truro, spoke about her pleasure that Pluss was succeeding to support so many disabled people who would otherwise be without work, saying;

“I’m delighted to welcome Pluss to Truro. I am very impressed with their values and ethos and particularly their staff’s determination to help disabled people into work.”

After a welcome by Pluss’ CEO Martin Davies, speeches were given by Newton as well as some of the businesses and customers. One of the speakers was Tammy Thorne. Tammy is deaf and is a wheelchair user who has been supported by Pluss for the last four weeks in her search for work. Tammy addressed the attendants with her Hearing Dog, Boots, at her side. She said:

“In this short time the amount of support I have received from Pluss has been amazing. I want to work, have a daily routine, earn my own wage and pension, contribute to society and finding work will increase my self esteem and self worth. I have a lot of valuable skills and knowledge to offer a prospective employer.”

Pluss is the largest Social Firm in the UK, helping disabled people to prepare for and find employment throughout the South West.



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