Global ranking for sales podcast


A podcast from a Cornwall-based business consultant has been ranked 4th in the Best Presentation Podcasts 2023 by global podcast monitoring and ranking organisation FeedSpot.

Feedspot also ranked Trevor Lee’s Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast as the 3rd best UK 2023 sales podcast.

Lee launched the ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast in February 2018 and has broadcast 280 episodes.

He said: “It’s great to receive Feedspot’s recognition and ranking. I’m very grateful to the listeners and guests who have helped elevate the podcast to its current global position. I’m lucky that my listeners are located all over the world and that I have a constant stream of highly-regarded business people as potential guests, most of whom get in touch via podcast agents based in the US.”

The Better Presentations More Sales podcast is broadcast every Monday and is available on all the popular podcast apps and platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Alexa, Podcast Addict and Google Podcasts.

Lee also broadcasts the ‘Running 44@60’ podcast which started in August 2019 and to date has 130 episodes.