Podcast ranked among world’s best


A weekly podcast from a Cornwall-based business consultant has been ranked among the world’s best.

Each year, the world’s largest database of podcasts, Feedspot.com, produces its guide to the best podcasts.

And much to his amazement and delight, Trevor Lee finds his ‘Better Presentations More Sales‘ podcast ranked in the top five for the world’s Best Presentation Podcasts, as well as been ranked third in the category for UK best sales podcasts.

Lee said: “I’ve been producing the podcast every Monday for over four years and this week it’s episode 209 and for anyone who’s ever produced a single episode you’ll know it’s not easy to get a podcast out there so to get this recognition is just amazing.

“A huge thank you to all the fantastic listeners and guests that have made the podcast such a success – the audience continues to grow and March is likely to be our record month for downloads.”


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations Trevor, that is a great achievement and recognition of how fun and interesting your podcasts are, and how much positive energy you put into them!

  2. Thanks very much Lloyd. Podcasting is great fun and as one of my business mates pointed out recently if everyone who downloaded one of my episodes turned up to one of my webinars or speaking events I’d be amazed how big the audience was! Interestingly I rarely get people based in the UK wanting to be guests whilst from the States i get more guest requests than I can cope with. As for Cornwall in terms of great podcasters I would be happy to be ranked third behind Pete Matthew and Chloe Thomas. They are prolific.

  3. Well done Trevor! – great to receive such global recognition – the two rankings also sort of suggest that you would possibly be best in the world for ‘Sales Presentations’ if there was such a category!

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