The first visuals of a £170 million development plan have been unveiled, showing how Falmouth and Penryn’s student housing issues could be resolved.

Penvose Village, which will sit between Treluswell and Treliever roundabouts, could have 2,000 beds accommodating first, second and third year students.

Developers believe the plan will free up houses in Falmouth and Penryn for local people, while helping to future-proof student accommodation needs in the area for the next 15 years.

Cornwall Council voted in March this year to increase Falmouth University’s student cap from 5,000 to 7,500 students by 2022.

Mark Dawes, from CAD Architects, who is working with the development company behind the proposed solution, said: “We know that demand for student accommodation in Falmouth and Penryn will continue to grow after Cornwall Council agreed to increase student numbers by 50% over the next five years.

“We know local people are struggling to find homes in Falmouth and Penryn, and the increase in student numbers will add further pressure.

“In order to alleviate this we have worked hard to engage with the local community and create a plan that answers the questions that are going to be created by increased student numbers.

“As well as housing, we have also considered parking and pressure on local services.”

Due to the number of in-town proposals being turned down, the company has carried out eight public consultations so far in Falmouth, Penryn and Mabe. These have been held to provide information about the scheme, as well as gather feedback.

The phased plans include up to 2,000 student beds, parking, sports facilities, a park and ride, convenience store, coffee shop, day nursery, satellite GP surgery, mini hotel and family restaurant/pub.

Dawes added: “There are a number of competing proposals on the table that when combined will only provide a part of the accommodation and none of the complimentary facilities needed to make full and proper provision for the students. A number of those competing schemes also have the potential to impact on existing local business and employment opportunities, by sterlising areas of Kernick Industrial Estate.

“Penvose Student Village is the only development that will deliver the needs of students, while allowing people in Falmouth and Penryn to have the opportunity to stay in the area they call home.”