Business name: Harland Accountants

Office location: St Austell & Falmouth, operating on a UK basis

When was the business founded: 1982 in its initial form

How many employees: 12

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

Harlands is an accountancy, tax and business consultancy that advocate business for good and believe in empowering businesses to create a better future for all. Our goal is to support ambitions businesses on their journey, not only for individual financial gains but to improve peoples lives and the world we live in at large.

Why was the business founded?

The business has a heritage that from it’s inception spans nearly forty years, however it is a very modern practice. Harland Accountants has evolved over this time from providing core accountancy and tax services as a highly qualified practice into a holistic business consultancy that makes a difference to the well being and success of its clients. It’s not about telling clients what they did yesterday (any good accountant can do that), but helping clients to build a “content today” and a bright future.

How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

Harland Accountants prides itself on being a dynamic and forward thinking provider of valuable business support and knows that not all accountants are the same. As a firm of chartered accountants, we prioritise quality and accurate advice that is also pragmatic. As entrepreneurs who have achieved, we have walked similar paths that many of our clients are venturing, meaning that we can support them with our experience.

How can Harland Accountants help businesses and readers?

Harland Accountants is a first choice port of call for business owners who want strategic financial direction and support as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your accountancy and tax matters are in safe hands. It’s much more than simply being compliant. It’s about having a place to go to, ask questions, consider scenarios and options in all weathers. Someone who understands and knows you and your aspirations and is thinking about what’s best for you and your business. It’s about getting the most out of your efforts from being at the helm of a business and knowing that your business goals and your personal life are in harmony.

How does the business define success?

Harland Accountants understands that at the heart of business are people, whether that’s our clients, our team or our partners and all of these individuals will have their own version of success. Therefore our success is dependent on these relationships and our understanding of what matters most and being flexibly aligned to help those successes be achieved.