Introducing: Sea Clearly Digital



During the pandemic experienced marketer Steve Hagan used spare time to help businesses to make the most of social media advertising, his way of helping businesses at that time.

That trickle of interest soon grew.

Sea Clearly Digital has been launched to help its clients make the most of Facebook ads, offering ad management and consultancy that delivers tangible results.

In just a few short months the fledgling business is already working with some landmark businesses, based here in Cornwall and on the international stage.

Steve says: “Facebook ads offer clear ways to measure performance. We all want to know what we are getting for our money, with Facebook ads you can be pretty damn clear what the return is.

“You can’t run ads and expect them to be a silver bullet though – if something isn’t right then the ads won’t just fix that. Working on social ads can help businesses identify pinch points and really consider the perfect audiences to target.”

Best Makes, a Cornwall-based jewellery company, used pandemic driven growth and ads to ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’. They said:

“We didn’t have a clue what Facebook ads were or how they worked, Steve set up all the technical stuff and developed audiences and campaigns around our range launches. We were getting amazing returns. It’s helped set us up with new loyal customers who continue to buy even after the high streets have re-opened.”

Start getting more from ads with a free guide here, or get in touch with Steve to chat things through.