Newham signs installed


New highways signs have been installed across Newham & The Port of Truro as the first phase of the Newham BID signage project.

The signs, to aid way finding across the area, provide clear signage to specific areas across Truro’s Business Quarter.

Alan Treloar, director of Vickery Holman and chairman of the Newham BID Signage committee, said: “It is important that the highways signs, the first phase of the Newham Bid Signage project, have now been installed and I am very pleased to see them in place.

“The signs are a clear statement that the area is being invested in and we can see how the rest of the proposed signage will work across Truro’s business quarter.”

L-R: Rachael Tatlow , Alan Treloar and Alison Elvey
L-R: Rachael Tatlow , Alan Treloar and Alison Elvey

Alison Elvey, Newham BID mManager, explained: “The new signs along the main designated highways across the area are already playing a key part in way finding for visitors to Newham.

“There have already been reports from businesses of a reduction in customers or delivery drivers requiring directions to their destinations.  This first phase has been a great collaboration between Newham BID and CORMAC Solutions Ltd who have worked hard to design these unique signs for Newham.”

Rachael Tatlow, service co-ordinator (West Region), CORMAC Solutions Ltd, added: “As Newham Road, Lighterage Hill and Heron Way are designated highways, we had to design official road signs that would comply with the relevant regulations as well as meet the requirements of Newham BID.

“We did this by designing signs with road names as destinations. I am delighted that there is already evidence that the signs provide a very practical first phase to the Newham BID Signage Project.”