Farm taps into RBS fund


A farm near Truro has become the first business in the UK to benefit from a loan from RBS/NatWest’s recently launched Renewable Energy Fund.

RBS's Martin Wright with David Eyles

Treworgans Farm in Ladock, installed a 50kw wind turbine on its land with the support of a £285k loan from RBS.

Treworgans Farm is a small family-run grassland farm; set over 82 acres rearing sheep, rare breed pigs and free range poultry. Owner David Eyles recently diversified by converting two of the barns into holiday lets to provide additional income.

He commented: “We are really pleased with the progress we have made at the farm over the last decade and our diversification projects have proved to be fruitful. We are really keen on renewable energy and securing the ongoing viability of the business for the future.”

RBS relationship manager Martin Wright said: “We’re serious about being at the forefront of helping UK businesses switch to a more sustainable way of meeting their energy needs.

“I am delighted that we have been able to fund the first wind turbine from the RBS/NatWest Renewable Energy Fund at Treworgans Farm and am confident that it will enable the business to go from strength to strength.”


  1. £285,000 plus the cost of borrowing the money for 50kW of wind generating capacity? That’s equivalent to £5.7 million per MW of capacity. Roughly six times the going rate for commercial wind generation capacity.
    You wuz robbed mate.

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