New analysis reveals that households in Cornwall are, on average, more likely to be green energy champions than anywhere else in England.

Data analysis by iChoosr, an organisation accelerating the transition to renewable energy, reveals the Duchy has a higher proportion of households that either generate their own electricity or own an electric car than any other area across the country.

The research analysed data showing households that use renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, and heat pumps, to power their homes, along with those who have made the switch to electric vehicles. The rankings highlight both the top performing counties and cities.

The findings show one in seven households in Cornwall have installed renewable energy sources, while one in six either have a renewable energy source in their home or own an electric car. Beyond Cornwall, three landlocked counties: Rutland, Herefordshire, and Cambridgeshire, are also among the top five regions in the rankings, with more than 11% of their residents using renewable energy sources at home.