Falmouth-based Inyanga Marine Energy Group have been contracted to build south east Asia’s first ever tidal power generation plant.

The site will be at the remote island of Capul in the Philippines, along the San Bernardino Strait, a passage well-known for the strength of its marine currents.

The contract – for engineering, procurement and construction – has been awarded by Energies PH Inc, through its affiliate, San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation.

The 1MW project, which is expected to deploy in late 2025, will use Inyanga’s innovative HydroWing tidal stream technology.

The first stage of the project consists of a 1MW tidal power plant, to be connected into a microgrid network coupled with Solar PV and energy storage, delivering a reliable, sustainable, and cost-competitive alternative to fossil-based power generation.

Richard Parkinson, CEO of Inyanga Marine Energy Group, said: “We are looking forward to working with Energies PH on the delivery of this transformational project for the region.

“Tidal stream energy is the most predictable and reliable form of renewable energy. Our HydroWing technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and provides a cost-effective solution to harvesting the power of the ocean’s tides.”

Inyanga commercial manager, Jean-Christophe Allo, added: “This exciting project will create a step change for the remote community on Capul. It will bring tidal energy to the region of south east Asia for the first time.

“As the project incorporates an onshore storage facility, the tidal turbines will provide continuous 24/7 power supply. Right now, Capul has only 8 to 16 hours of energy per day, with several blackouts. We will provide a 24/7 reliable and renewable electricity.”