Renewable energy provider, Good Energy, is partnering with the Eden Project to deliver its first bespoke battery service solution.

The battery will help the Eden Project to match its energy demand with supply and will also deliver cost savings.

This is the first venture by Good Energy into the battery storage market and marks a new strategic direction for the company.

Eden’s new battery, due to be installed next summer, will be a combination of five x 50kW ‘fridge-sized’ battery units and a control centre. Eden plans to create a new exhibit to show its visitors how the battery works and the environmental and economic benefits it will provide.

Eden finance director, Peter Wroe, said: “Eden and Good Energy have developed a strong and mutually beneficial partnership and we’re proud of the work we have done together.

“Eden is an educational charity so we are pleased to be showcasing this battery storage technology, building on our work with Good Energy on the groundbreaking Selectricity project. This is part of Eden’s ongoing efforts to demonstrate innovative and sustainable solutions to energy issues.”

Eden is already powered by local renewable energy via the Selectricity scheme, in which Good Energy is a partner. Selectricity enables businesses to choose the renewable generators who provide their energy.