Truro most interested in green energy


New research from 100Green has found that those living in Truro are more interested in green energy than any other city in the UK. 

As the global call for environmental consciousness grows ever louder, people across the UK are becoming more aware of their impact on the planet, especially as we near the Government’s 2050 net zero goal. 

100Green studied over 30 green energy search terms and uncovered the number of searches coming from each UK city to determine which British city is the ‘keenest for green’, with those living in Truro having a higher average interest than people living in the rest of the UK’s cities.

The research found that the Cornwall city has the highest average online searches per 100,000 people across terms like ‘green energy tariffs’, ‘renewable energy suppliers’, ‘why is green energy important’ and ‘solar panels’. 

Following Truro was Ely, with 91 monthly online searches per capita, then Ripon (75) and Bangor (68).