Eden raises £1M in five hours


The Eden Project has beaten its initial crowdfunding target of £1 million to create a new learning village, in less than five hours.

Eden launched the campaign on the Crowdcube platform yesterday and will continue to accept investment up to its £1.5 million limit.

Eden’s executive director, David Harland, said: “This is an amazing result. To reach our £1 million target so soon is spectacular and shows that very many people share our vision to establish a world-class learning centre here at Eden.

“We thank everyone for that faith in the future of the young people who will come here to learn new skills and Eden’s capacity to deliver something special right here in the heart of Cornwall.

“We also take our hats off to Crowdcube for the brilliant way they have enabled us to reach our goal in this – our first foray into crowdfunding.”

Investors can put in a minimum of £500 and in return get 6% per annum over the four-year term of the bond.  Investments are in multiples of £500 and there is no upper limit. Investing in mini-bonds involves risk.

Mini-bonds are unsecured, non-convertible and non-transferable, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.