Green Build Hub at Eden


The first collaborators’ meeting for the Green Build Hub initiative was held at Eden earlier this week.

The Green Build Hub will be located at the Eden Project, bringing together green build specialists within Cornwall. It will be project managed by Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust (CSBT), Ocean Services and the Eden Project.

Paul Bright of CSBT said: “It is incredible that in an economic downturn so many local companies are willing to donate their expertise and services to make this project a success.”

Plans for the design of the Hub are currently being finalised and talks with Cornwall Council Planning are taking place.

The space is being designed and built as an exemplar sustainable building exercise and that will demonstrate what can and is being done in Cornwall to improve the sustainability of construction in the region and beyond.

It will be University monitored and used for training, awareness raising and sharing of best practice. All collaborators will be able to use the facility to engage with the public.

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