Bishop Fleming is continuing to cut back on paper, energy and mileage as part of its drive to enhance its green values.

In 2017 the accountancy firm saved the annual equivalent of 99 trees, compared to its annual paper usage when it first started its Environmental Management scheme back in 2012.

Alongside a 33% reduction in paper usage, the company also reported lower electricity and gas usage across its seven offices in the south west, as well as lower mileage.

Ewan McClymont, a director at Bishop Fleming’s office in Truro, commented: “Environmental aspirations are becoming increasingly important in engaging new clients, and our ability to measure these metrics is an important qualification in a competitive market.

“With electricity and gas kWh down by nearly 7% per employee and mileage per £000 income down by over 26%, we are delighted that our environmental values continue to meet the tough requirements of our eco-friendly clients.”