As Trevena Cross has shared in the uncertainty and challenges of many other small, independent Cornish businesses during the past few months, it has given the family-run nursery and garden centre near Helston time to reflect, and consider areas of the business that it would like to grow and invest in. One such area is its hedging range.

Trevena Cross has been growing certain hedging types, like Griselinia littoralis, in their thousands for many years, but now plans are in motion to increase the scale on which it grows hedging, further still.

Trevena Cross says the opportunity to compete with the high profile online hedging retailers on a national scale is now very real.

Owner Graham Jeffery said: “A hedge is a natural, attractive backdrop for most garden landscapes. They tend to handle the wind better than rigid, impermeable barriers, and are more greatly appreciated by birds and garden wildlife than any artificial, manmade structure. A real fundamental of a garden, on which everything else can be built around or upon; there seems no better focus for us as a nursery.

“We have the space to compete with the ‘big boys’ in hedging and put Cornwall on the map as the ultimate source of hardy hedging plants – whatever the nature of that hedge or requirements of the customer. We have the knowledge and first-hand experience of the best hedging to grow by the coast, as well as inland, and while geographically not central, are able to support our loyal Cornish customer base as well as those outside of the county.”