Lord Myners asks for PM stadium backing


Lord Paul Myners of Truro has joined the call for Government backing to finance the proposed Stadium for Cornwall.

According to a report on the City AM website, the former City minister has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arguing the case that the stadium should be part of the Government’s ‘New Deal’ to get the country back on its feet after Covid.

He says a £14 million cash injection would mean construction could begin this autumn.

“Cornwall is the second poorest area in the whole of Western Europe. Our economy has been very badly hit by Covid-19,” he wrote.

“Levelling up is not just about the North. Cornwall needs your help.”

The article reports Lord Myners as saying the stadium would create 400 to 500 new jobs, as well as £8-£10 million every year to the local community.

“We have private sector backing and powerful partnership that draws together Cornwall’s best. Government can be the catalyst that makes it happen.

“The stadium, which is in a highly visible position in the centre of the county, would be a beacon of confidence in a previously deprived and neglected community.”


  1. Where is the evidence for your argument? Extensive studies have shown the viability of this project showing both financial and community benefits to the project or are you happy to condemn Cornish sport to the lower leagues. There are plenty of Cornish bred people who support this venture.

  2. The Stadium for Cornwall is a massive white elephant and no great surprise in the annals of Cornwall Council pursuits of dead horses to flog. I’m Cornish born and bred and I’d love to see a venue in Cornwall, but this has problems running right the way through it and has been the Councils Trojan horse to bring Langarth to fruition. The business case for the stadium is leakier than any colander and manifests the complete lack of business acumen from the councilors who voted it through.

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