Standing out from the crowd


Falmouth gaming bar Loading has taken to the internet to fund its latest expansion project.

The Loading gaming cafe in Falmouth

Using US-based, the business is adopting an innovative approach to raising venture capital through crowd sourcing, as it looks to open a bar in the capital.

Online crowd sourcing is one of the fastest-growing methods of gaining funding and involves a company or person with an idea looking for online donations and giving prizes (‘perks’) to donators; the larger the donation, the larger the perk.

James Dance, owner and manager, said: “While I’ve applied or looked into every scheme down here in Cornwall, there just wasn’t anything we qualified for. Indiegogo was a great way for us to use the existing international press coverage we have had for some of our other projects to help prove there’s a bigger audience for what we do.”

Securing support from games industry giants like Turtle Beach, Ubisoft, Bioware, Rocksteady and community sites, the business launched its campaign and is offering a variety of perks to help establish a flagship premises in London.

Dance added: “So far the campaign has been very successful and regardless of outcome it is clear that there are potential customers out there for a gaming space for adults.

“Gaming is the fastest growing sector of the international media industry and London is at the centre of the entire movement. The city needs a central meeting spot for like-minded people to drink, relax and play.”

To date, Loading has secured almost $10k of its $50k target.

To view the campaign, click here.