Almost 8,000 small businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are being urged to claim £89 million of unpaid emergency grant support that is available from Cornwall Council to help them during the Coronavirus crisis.

The Council has paid out £185 million in the last ten days to more than 16,000 small businesses, with grants of up to £25k.

But an estimated 7,900 small businesses in Cornwall and 86 on the Isles of Scilly have yet to claim the £89 million that is still available. The Council is now urging them to get in touch so the grants can be paid.

Bob Egerton, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for culture, economy and planning, said: “The Council has written to every business that we believe is eligible. If you think you are entitled to support but have not received a letter, or you have been unable to check the post because your workplace is closed, then please contact us immediately.

“This is emergency funding from Government that we are distributing to around 24,000 qualifying businesses. We have been working day and night to get it out the door because we know it is desperately needed by many small businesses impacted by the pandemic.”

All businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief or Rural Rate Relief are eligible for a one-off grant of £10k.

Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses in receipt of Expanded Retail Discount and with a rateable value of less than £51k are potentially eligible for a grant of £25k.

All grants are paid directly to the business by Cornwall Council and do not have to be repaid. If you are unsure whether you qualify or whether you want to apply then please contact us to discuss.

So far the Council has paid out £182 million to businesses in Cornwall and £3.32 million to businesses on the Isles of Scilly, and has been praised by the Government for the speed with which it has distributed the funding.

There is still £88 million in grants available to support eligible businesses in Cornwall, and £935k available for businesses on the Isles of Scilly.

Businesses in Cornwall or on the Isles of Scilly that believe they are eligible for a grant but have not received a letter from Cornwall Council should contact the Council on 0300 1234 171 without delay.


  1. Over 2 weeks later still not a single penny in financial support has been offered since this entire crisis began. Not a single penny thanks to Cornwall Council who to date have given over £50 million to second home owners but absolutely refuse to help small businesses in Cornwall for whom this funding was provided by the government to help genuine small businesses in Cornwall to survive this crisis. It’s a scandal.

  2. Hi we are in the same position as you, we have contacted MPs, Cornwall council, the chamber of commerce and got nowhere. I see that the government has now released more money to local councils for businesses like us but haven’t heard a word from Cornwall Council so they are dragging there feet! While us small businesses live in fear every single day of our lives. We own a small hair salon in North Cornwall.

    • I hear you Rachel. I’m hearing so many small business owners in Cornwall all saying the same thing. It’s just absolutely disgusting.

  3. I’ve run a run a small business in Cornwall for a few years as a self employed sole trader and ticked every box for the eligibility and sent in my figures to HMRC each year on time. Sent in the form to Cornwall Council who first stated that they did not recognise my business address and then stated that my business workshop which I rent does not qualify for payment of business rates. I took on the premises in late January 2020.

    Cornwall Council have therefore refused to give me a business rates account reference number and without this they’ve told me I am not eligible to receive the £10,000 grant. In truth I feel as though I am being discriminated against. My business is in desperate help of some financial support right now and so far, since this all started, I have not received as much as a single penny in financial support to help my business through this crisis. I am quite literally hanging on now by my fingernails just as I was looking forward to my best trading year since I started. Now it looks like of my effort, the blood, sweat and tears and the constant gruelling hours put into the business was all for nothing as I’m going to be left penniless without support.

    Meanwhile second home owners who own a luxury asset but do not contribute to the local economy in any way, shape or form who do not run any kind of business in Cornwall and rent out their second home to family and friends only, who have registered their second home as a business to avoid paying council tax have been handed out this £10,000 grant.

    So why is it genuine small businesses in Cornwall run by Cornish locals are being left out in the cold but second home owners from up country are receiving the £10,000 grant? What’s that all about? How come they are receiving financial support but my Cornish small business is not? I’ve written to Cherilyn Mackrory MP about the situation but so far (12 days later) I’ve received no reply to my email.

    I am absolutely desperate now for some financial support to keep my business afloat but will anyone help? Somehow I doubt it.

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