Designers join the Covid-19 effort


A team of engineers and designers have joined forces, along with the help of a Falmouth branding agency, to mass produce protective face shields for healthcare workers in Cornwall.

Sam Lanyon, Shawn Brown and Francis Dufort have created the CoVisor project, with branding and logo help from Kingdom & Sparrow.

The project, with support from a Crowdfunder campaign, will allow healthcare staff in Cornwall to have access to face shields either at cost price or for free.

The CoVisor project is a collaboration between Concept Shed & Dufort Associates, brought together by 3D printing company 3D Kernow CIC, to develop an injection moulded face shield that can be mass-produced here in Cornwall.

The design was developed with input from Cornwall’s NHS Staff, and initially the goal was to produce 1,000 shields a day, to protect our healthcare workers across Cornwall and beyond. Having met the first Crowdfunder target, with further donations the CoVisor team will look to double daily production.

The design of the injection mouldable face shield has been made open source and freely available to everyone, so that other manufacturers anywhere in the world can mass-produce them to meet the huge global demand.

The CoVisor is inspired by the Prusa open source 3D printed face shields and designed for high volume production, and work has already begun on the next face shield version for use in Intensive Care Units. Public support will help the CoVisor team to achieve this and to equip as many healthcare staff as possible; helping them save lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Support the Crowdfunder campaign and find out more about the project here.