New CPR link road open


The final section of the Camborne-Pool Redruth link road has been opened to traffic.

The scheme has benefited from a £16.1 million Department for Transport grant and financial support of £5.2 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), under the Convergence Programme towards the development and construction of a package of schemes in the CPR area.

The new road provides an east-west link road from Dolcoath to Dudnance Lane, across the Red River Valley. It includes new junctions and cycle facilities on Dudnance Lane and Station Road, and a new link from Station Road to Wilson Way.

The new road will provide access to proposed development areas and remove traffic from the existing A3047 and the East Hill junction.

Peter Marsh, Cornwall Council’s head of commissioning and asset management, said: “This is a vital scheme for Cornwall which will help drive forward the regeneration of the Camborne Pool Redruth area and assist economic growth.”

Bert Biscoe, portfolio holder for transport, added: “Redruth and Camborne are two significant towns developing distinctive modern identities and roles serving discrete catchments.

“The infrastructure which now links them as the result of this road will create opportunities for many people to make businesses, find employment and to gain access to services and activities which contribute to the way of life of the two towns and the various villages which surround them.”