Torch spend branded as “bonkers”


A local MP has slammed the Council’s financial commitment to the Olympic torch travelling through Cornwall.

The Cornwall Development Company (CDC) has advertised for a project coordinator at a salary of nearly £20k to publicise the one-day event on May 19 and create “community engagement”.

Mid Cornwall MP Stephen Gilbert has branded the exercise as “bonkers”, saying the Council will be spending upwards of £135k in total to arrange and promoted the events of the day

Gilbert commented: “It’s simply bonkers, bonkers, bonkers for Cornwall Council to throw money around with such a carefree attitude for a one-day event when they are, at the same time, hitting local projects and services with funding cuts.

“We hear a lot about the legacy that will be left after the 2012 Olympics, but there will be no legacy to come from this money. Instead of this the Council should be putting the cash into local projects that benefit our communities and help local people. That’s the legacy that Cornwall needs.”

CDC has defended its actions, saying it was a “small amount of money” when compared to how much Cornwall could make by running a well-organised publicity campaign. It estimates it could make up to £7 million on the back of the torch’s journey.

What do you think? Is the Council being reckless, or is Gilbert missing the bigger picture? Comment below



  1. Do you think the Council gives a toss about wasting our money? If they had to finance this out of their own pockets, I bet not one penny would be forthcoming.

  2. The proposed spend on an Olympic Torch organiser is a disgusting waste of money.
    What can CDC truly say was the benefit of the Eclipse organiser.
    Surely within the CC and CDC is an employee who could undertake the Torch role.
    The country cannot afford the Olympics – look what happened to Greece do we want to add to the financial burden – No.
    The senior management of CDC consider £20k a small amount of money – tell that to pensioners facing the new fuel costs this winter.
    I would like to see the financial evaluation published which supports such waste.

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