St Austell Printing Company has strengthened its sustainability credentials with the announcement that it has become just one of a handful of printers in the UK to become an official ‘Carbon Balanced Printer’.

The certification is attained by offsetting the company’s entire operational carbon footprint, through the purchase of endangered tropical habitat. This is part of a scheme operated by the World Land Trust, of which Sir David Attenborough is a patron.

In the first year, St Austell Printing Company has committed to protecting and restoring 26 acres of tropical forest in Khe Nuoc Trong – one of the best remaining examples of lowland forest in the Annamite Mountains of Central Vietnam. This equates to the equivalent of around 15 football pitches.

MD Peter Moody said: “We are firm believers in the environmental credentials of print and paper, and this latest investment enables us to broaden our commitment to sustainability.

“It’s not just about us – this now enables our clients to demonstrate their environmental credentials. By using St Austell Printing Company as their printing partner, combined with a carbon balanced paper option, the print can carry a ‘carbon balanced print’ certification. This shows that the carbon from the production of their entire publication has been offset. No matter how big or small the project.”