Open air cinema business expands


The team behind the successful Film on the Fal event is expanding the business to bring open air movie screenings to Cornwall.

Skylight Cinema is owned by King Harry Ferry which puts on the Fal River Festival annually each May.

The ferry is turned into a floating cinema for the screenings and the outdoor movies concept is now being extended so shows can be put on throughout the county.

Amy Weeks and Claire Eason-Basset from Event Cornwall with Toby Budd from Skylight Cinema

Toby Budd, from Skylight Cinema, said they hope it will boost Cornwall’s tourism industry. He expalined: “We launched the King Harry’s Cornwall area guide with the aim of extending the out of season tourism industry and we think this is a great way of keeping in line with that ethos.

“The outdoor cinema screenings will hopefully provide a boost to tourism by attracting hundreds of people to watch films in spectacular settings.”

The Film on the Fal concept, managed by Event Cornwall, won Best Small Event in the inaugural UK Event Awards this year.

Event Cornwall will manage the screenings at a variety of venues on behalf of Skylight Cinema, including Newquay Airport, Pendennis Castle, Adrenalin Quarry and King Harry Ferry.

Director, Claire Eason-Bassett, said: “The feedback we receive from film lovers each year is that they would like to see more movies elsewhere in the county, so this is a great opportunity to do exactly that.

“We are just in the process of finalising the dozen locations for the screenings that have already been booked so far.”

The 8m x 4m open-air inflatable screen enables up to 500 people to watch a film at any one time.