Region’s thought leaders to attend Exeter event


An event planned for next month is set to become the first social media conference of its size to be held in the South West, attacting interest from businesses in Cornwall who have been quick to get on board with the latest media and marketing phenomenen.

Politicians, broadcasters, journalists, bloggers and business owners will be joining together at Like Minds in Exeter to debate and discuss the sustainability of social media, its return on investment, and its poetntial impact as a means to engage directly with customers and opinion makers.

The event will be held at Exeter Conference Centre on Friday 16th October, from 2pm – 6pm, and is being sponsored and supported by Starbucks, Magners, Everys Solicitors and a range of local businesses.  Business Cornwall will be joining up with the event as a media partner.

Keynote social media experts from Britain and America are expected to join speakers from the mainstream media and political circles. There are also a number of industry recognised commentators and critics on the subject of social media lined up to speak or attend.

In the midst of a recession, this event will explore the validity of social media as a marketing channel and its relation to the increasing use of mobile technology to access information, looking at how businesses can use these emerging mediums rather than shun them as a passing digital obsession.

Commenting on the event, co-founder Scott Gould said;

“What started as a few messages on Twitter has become a significant gathering, fuelled by the passion and fascination that people have with social media. This event is itself an example of how these technologies are at the front of a new revolution as big as the internet itself, where power and influence no longer rest upon big businesses, but upon the voices of individuals.”

Early bird tickets can be purchased for £25 prior to the  Friday 2nd October, where tickets will continue at their full price of £35. Tickets can be purchased from the event’s website at


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