Green Room Ales opens doors

Green Room MD Stephen Burton
Green Room MD Stephen Burton

Students are well known for their keen interest in beer, but few of them go on to make a career out of it.

Local entrepreneur, Stephen Burton, 25, has been doing just that by launching an innovative, new local business called Green Room Ales. The aim – simply to make enjoyable and original beer!

Burton explained: “Last year I was drinking an ale and realised it was ‘just another beer’. I thought why can’t someone produce ale that’s young, exciting and tastes good!? So I got to work and started to develop our first beer Green Room IPA.

“It’s different from my last line of work but a lot more exciting, we’ve got some really fantastic people involved who know brewing inside out, so we couldn’t ask for a better team.”

Burton has high hopes for the ale and aims to take it national within the next couple of years. In the shorter term, however, he aims to bring the beer to a wider Cornish market this year. He hopes to grow the business by promoting the beer as an innovative drink taking on a very traditional industry.

He added: “Green Room IPA is the company’s first beer and encompasses the whole idea behind the business but it’s a tough market to break into and even harder given the current doom and gloom, but what’s better than ending a hard day with a nice refreshing beer?”