Liskeard in the fast lane

Paddy Paddison (CTO, Wildanet) and Rachel Brooks (Mayor of Liskeard

Liskeard has become Cornwall’s first location to benefit from the fastest level of broadband speeds available.

Homes and businesses in the town are now able to connect to download speeds of up to a gigabit a second, after Wildanet installed the latest wireless technology on top of Liskeard’s town hall.

Gigabit speeds are usually only available with FTTP (fibre-to-the-premises) connections. However, Wildanet’s technological solution means that these speeds are available wirelessly.

CEO Ian Calvert explained: “Liskeard’s gigabit connection has been recently facilitated via a receiver installed on Liskeard’s town hall. This then transmits wireless signals into homes and businesses in the area.

“Better connectivity is especially crucial for Cornwall, where broadband speeds have historically been slower than many other areas of the UK. Wildanet’s technology is not reliant on the outdated cable infrastructure, which is a bonus for Cornwall and Liskeard.”

Liskeard’s mayoress, Rachel Brooks, added: “We’re very excited that Wildanet has chosen Liskeard to install Cornwall’s first gigabit connection. Now, more than ever, people are relying on digital to connect with family and friends but also for business and entertainment, and it’s great that people now have an extra choice that can give them the speeds needed.”


  1. Certainly hasn’t made any difference to my reception. It’s still utter pants in Liskeard. OK so I live in a dip but the reception is absolute zero on O2 and EE.

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