Wildanet has launched a new initiative to collect surplus IT equipment from local organisations across Cornwall and Devon, and then refurbish and re-home it to those unable to afford their own.

The KIT24 scheme seeks to tackle both the digital divide and the mounting e-waste problem by collecting 2,400 unwanted devices. This process is facilitated through partnerships with Good Things Foundation, Reconome and IT recycling and refurb specialist Trusted Tech.

Helen Wylde-Archibald, Wildanet CEO, said: “The UK is one of largest emitters of electronic waste per capita in the world and several studies suggest that the UK could become the world’s largest e-waste contributor as early as the end of 2024.

“What’s more, there is estimated to be £5.6 billion of unwanted tech going to waste in the UK that could be re-homed or recycled. And yet, millions of people in the UK remain digitally excluded through lack of access to a device.

“KIT24 seeks to bridge these two issues. By repurposing surplus IT equipment, we not only support local businesses and organisations to reduce electronic waste but also help bridge the digital divide by providing access to technology for those in need.

“We are excited to see the positive impact this programme will have on communities across Cornwall and Devon.”