A way to Solve an offline problem


Solve Web Media is busy digitising businesses who are otherwise offline, so that they can continue running during the Government lockdown.

The online market is more important than ever at the moment, with Virgin Media reporting that it has seen daytime Internet usage double in the last couple of weeks.

By offering live video streaming and simple online shop packages, Solve Web Media is turning offline businesses, online. The company aims to give hundreds of offline companies the power of the Internet by consulting with them and switching them into the online marketplace.

One local business that has benefitted from Solve’s offline/online transformation is Padstow Kitchen Garden.

Ross Geach

Farmer Ross Geach who runs the company, said: “In the wake of the lockdown we realised that we had to adapt our business to support the needs of our customers so that people could order and arrange delivery of our farm produce from home.

“We asked Solve to help turn us from offline to online. Since they have turned us digital we are seeing more sales than ever and we are able to continue our family business, albeit in a new way.”

Along with offline/online transformations, Solve is also able to set up integrated video conferencing (at a reduced cost) so companies can continue to operate remotely.

Solve is also offering free audits to maximise the potential of businesses who are currently online.

Solve’s offline/online digital consultations are free of charge. Company director Lawrence Harmer said: “We work hard to support local business and want to do our bit because we’re all in this together. There has never been a better time for people to stay connected.”


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