Jewellery appeal after Olympia crime


Emily Nixon, the Cornwall-based jewellery designer, known for creating seaweed rings packed with sapphires and diamonds the colour of the ocean, has had a significant collection of work stolen.

She and her team have appealed to contacts and followers to share images of her distinctive work in their hope that the stolen items will be recognised and returned.

Showing at the Spirit of Christmas event at Olympia last week, Nixon had her show bag containing all of her most precious diamond and sapphire rings grabbed at the end of the day.

The distinctive bag, with Nixon’s name and illustrations on it, contained every single sapphire and diamond ring that she and her small team from Cornwall have created over many months of work.

The theft is completely devastating for the designer and her small team who were attending their first major retail show since before the pandemic began.

Designs such as her Still Water Solitaire, Cornish Bay, Craggy Alaria, Platinum Sea Whip, Ebb and Flow and Laver rings amid many more are being shared to help in the search.

Emily Nixon and her small team are now desperately trying to get the message out to find the rings and have appealed for help using #findemilysrings on social media. Her Instagram can be found here and her appeal shared.

Anyone with any information in the jewellery trade or otherwise, is asked to report any sightings of these distinctive pieces to the Police using the Crime Ref: 6025562/21