Become a Reserve Guardian and help protect some of Cornwall’s rarest habitats and most threatened wildlife species.

By becoming one of Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Reserve Guardians your business would be helping to protect wildlife, increase biodiversity, help combat climate change for Cornwall whilst at the same time supporting the health and wellbeing of your local community by helping to provide a space for nature that we can all enjoy.

Human activity is having a devastating impact on nature. UK biodiversity has decreased in its abundance by around 41% in the last 40 years alone, around 15% of UK species are threatened, and we are on the brink of a climate crisis, the effects of which will be irreversible unless we act now and protect our environment.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust plays a pivotal role in tackling these challenges locally. We manage 59 nature reserves across the county, covering over 2000 hectares of land; much of this land protects vulnerable species, increases biodiversity and captures carbon emissions from our atmosphere combatting climate change.

We are looking for businesses to partner with us by becoming a Reserves Guardian helping us to protect and promote one of our 59 nature reserves situated across Cornwall.

In addition to demonstrating your commitment to Cornwall’s environment and wildlife to your staff and customers, you’ll receive a range of benefits as a thank you for your support. These include:

  • A guided tour of your chosen reserve with one of our wildlife experts
  • Information on the wildlife, history, and habitats of the reserve you have chosen for you to share with your staff and customers
  • An annual update on work you have enabled us to carry out at our reserves across Cornwall
  • A certificate to display at your premises and business supporter logos for your website
  • Staff volunteering days at the reserve (dependant on reserve need and time of year)
  • Free copies of our membership magazine Wild Cornwall and our Wildlife Watch magazine for kids, three times a year

There could be a number of reasons you choose a specific Nature Reserve to sponsor. It could be a reserve close to your office, one that your staff could visit, or maybe one that supports a particular species you and your staff would like to help protect. To find out more about our Reserves Guardian program please email our Corporate Partnerships Officer, Rowan Hartgroves rowan.hartgroves@cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk or call 07932 545 538

Weblink: https://www.cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk/support-us/corporate-support/reserve-guardians