Rebrand is a Piece of Cake


Piece of Cake rebrand

A Penryn-based PR and marketing agency is launching headfirst into 2015 with a brand overhaul.

Formerly known as Piece of Cake Training and Consultancy, Sam White and Suzie Smith will now head up Piece of Cake Communications.

When it launched in 2012, the company focused on training businesses to handle their own marketing and public relations.

However, Piece of Cake has found itself increasingly asked to work collaboratively to offer a mix of training and consultancy.

Smith said: “Training is still at the heart of our business, especially in the fields of social media and digital marketing, but a large proportion of our work now sees us manage wider communications for businesses.

“We aim to work collaboratively with our clients, some come to us for training and hire us for consultancy, others want consultancy and see the benefit of additional training.

“And then there are clients that simply want training or consultancy, but the key is to work with our clients, not for our clients.”