From entry level to C-suite officers, the wellbeing of workers is an important aspect for any business. Studies have shown happier teams are more productive, so having mental health initiatives in place is vital for an organisations success and retaining top talent.

One way to boost employee wellbeing is to provide specific workplace wellbeing support. Employee Assistance Programmes are designed to raise awareness of how to look after mental health and offer employees regular check-ins with mental health specialists. Another is to nominate a Wellbeing Champion for your business, who can provide support to teams after undertaking a short course.

Sea Sanctuary offers both these services on board The ARC, a 180ft floating wellbeing hub in Falmouth. Visit bit.ly/3yeiF1V to find out about its upcoming two-day Wellbeing Champion course on 22 November and 14 March.

Alternatively, email hello@seasanctuary.org.uk or call Kim on 01326 378919.