New teacher wellbeing programme


Lanner School has become the first school in Cornwall to invest in its staff through a new wellbeing programme designed especially for those working with children.

Curated by AC Simply Wellbeing and delivered by a range of holistic health experts, the programme has launched in direct response to teaching being revealed as one of the most stressful professions, with a third of newly qualified teachers switching careers in the last decade.

The first-of-its-kind programme for Cornwall boosts the mental and physical health of teachers and in turn, aims to positively impact the classroom and learning experience. Through a series of nutritional and relaxation workshops, it also promotes immunity in the workplace and gives teachers the tools to combat stress and anxiety.

Leading the way with the training, the teachers of Lanner School were the first to benefit from a specially formulated sound bath proven to reduce pain, remove toxins and improve sleep.

Headteacher, Kieran Walsh, commented: “The children in our school are our priority. Their physical and mental health is always at the forefront of our minds so to help us to do this properly it is important to spend time reflecting and looking after ourselves. Protecting our own immunity to ensure we are fit and healthy is an investment in their wellbeing as well as ours.”

Louise Cole, co-founder of AC Simply Wellbeing, added: “Being a teacher is very rewarding but it is notoriously high-pressure. Our teacher wellbeing programme has launched to help teachers thrive, both mentally and physically. It brings together some of the South West’s most experienced experts and as well as offering short-term benefits provides a tactical solution to help tackle teacher burnout.”