A choir of work colleagues


Icelandic pop curio Bjork once said that “singing is like a celebration of oxygen”.

A new project launched across Cornwall is encouraging people to escape their desks and ‘celebrate oxygen’ through a programme that promotes the benefits of singing together.

Kana! Choirs at Work, delivered by the charity Cymaz Music, matches professional vocal coaches with businesses and charities to develop work-based choirs.


Local charity, Cymaz Music, has secured funding from the Arts Council to give free taster sessions to five work places – three businesses and two charities – to try out Kana! Choirs at Work.

Cornwall Council already has its own Kana! Choir, led by vocal coach and Cymaz music director, Emily Foulkes.

She said: “The benefits of singing together with friends from work are many and varied.  Not only is it a brilliant way to de-stress, it is also a chance to get to know other people from your workplace.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from members of our Cornwall Council choir, and thanks to our Arts Council funding, we’ve now found a way to let other workplaces try it out.”

Anyone interested in a free taster can download an application form from cymazmusic.org.uk/kana-choirs-work or request a copy of it from emily@cymazmusic.org.uk.