Acclaimed British television presenter and travel writer, Simon Reeve, has been back in Cornwall for BBC Two’s latest documentary about life in the county.

During filming Reeve visited Cornwall College Camborne to document some aspects of further education and the role it plays locally.

The documentary, which is set to air at 9pm on Sunday (Apr 2), is a follow-up show to Reeve’s previous visits to the Duchy, where he looks at what life is really like for the locals after the summer crowds have gone.

Cornwall College Camborne will feature as one of the locations, demonstrating just some of the college’s many vocational courses, such as engineering, construction, and hospitality.

During the two days of filming on site, Reeve had the opportunity to meet some of the staff and students from the College, to discover how further education supports the local community.

Luke Bazeley, head of campus at Cornwall College Camborne, was among those being interviewed for the programme.

He said: “It was great to share the vital role that vocational education plays in shaping the future of Cornwall’s economy and training the future workforce in the trade industry.

“We’re proud of what our campuses have to offer, we are at the heart of the local community, working with some of the most prestigious businesses in the south west and beyond.

“I look forward to seeing what makes the editor’s cut when the documentary airs on Sunday.”

The one-hour programme will look at why Cornwall is one of the most desirable parts of the country and an iconic holiday destination but also one of the poorest counties in England. It will also feature interviews with Pendennis Shipyard, a key partner for Cornwall College in delivering apprenticeships.