A Cornwall-based company has launched the UK’s first range of ocean plastic sexual wellness products, ahead of Earth Day 2023 next month.

Consisting of four products, the new collection from The Natural Love Company is said to be a UK first and each item has an inner body made with 100% recycled ocean plastic.

Globally, the use of recycled ocean plastics is becoming a popular solution for many manufacturers that are looking to address marine pollution concerns. The UN has estimated that the volume of plastic pollution entering the ocean each year is set to double or triple by 2040.

The Natural Love Company was founded in 2022 by friends and wedding photographers Ben Foster and Barney Walters, as a result of their previous careers being put on hold by the pandemic.

And with 400% year-on-year growth, the pair believe that more Brits than ever are keen to enjoy a more sustainable sex life.

Commenting on the launch of the new recycled ocean plastics range, Foster said: “As we enter this new phase of growth we’re excited to be providing consumers with the UK’s first range of recycled ocean plastic sex toys.

“Around the world, marine plastic pollution remains a major problem and as a business, we’re determined to help play our part in cleaning up the world’s oceans. There is huge potential for recycled ocean plastics and we can’t wait to hear our customers’ feedback on the new range.”