A Cornish business credited to being behind the world’s first reusable cup made from paper cups, has rebranded.

Ashortwalk ltd has relaunched as Circular&Co – with a mission to “harness the power of circular design and revolutionise how products are viewed, re-used and recycled by consumers around the world”.

Circular Design seeks to make sure products live longer lives. They are made from materials that have been used before and can be easily regenerated for continual reuse.

Encapsulating the “power of circularity”, the groundbreaking rCUP – the brand’s best-selling product – is also relaunching as Circular Cup, showcasing that products can be recycled into long-lasting reusables.

Coinciding with the rebrand, Circular&Co has also announced its investment in UK production, following continued support from Starbucks that has allowed the business to scale up; setting-up regionalised waste collection, processing and re-manufacture in Cornwall.

Over the next six months, Circular&Co will be unveiling a raft of new products which are 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and last for at least ten years as standard.

Company founder, Dan Dicker, said: “There is no silver bullet solution to the current environmental crisis – but we’re taking positive action and we know it’s a journey.

“For organisations, businesses and individuals, it’s a global movement to breakdown our throwaway culture; nothing has a single purpose and everything has a value.  We believe people can start to play an important role right now by following a few simple rules next time they shop. We think of it as a ‘buy circular’ checklist: Choose Recycled, Challenge Longevity, Check Recyclable… Choose, challenge, check.

“From today, every time we shop – whether it’s for a pen or a pushchair – we need to ask ourselves the questions: Is it made from used materials? Is it made to last? Is it made to be recycled?  If it isn’t matching up to the circular checklist then let’s keep browsing.  Collectively, we have that power.”