A new Cornish distillery has today (Aug 7) launched a “rum for gin lovers”.

BORA Botanical Rum, from Penryn Spirits, is described as a “Caribbean Spirit with Cornish Spice” and “a refreshingly different aperitif” designed to be enjoyed with tonic.

Named after the Cornish word for dawn, Penryn Spirits says BORA heralds a new beginning for rum, reinventing traditional spiced rum using British botanicals. With a “complex and yet subtle flavour”, BORA is distilled using natural, locally sourced botanicals, including nettles and quinces, to create a “light, dry, aromatic spirit”.

While the gin boom has been in full swing for a couple of years, many observers believe rum is set to enjoy a similar surge.

Penryn Spirits was founded by Pete Mack and Willoughby Werner, who have harboured dreams of running a distillery together since they met at Britannia Royal Navy College.

Mack said: “We are very excited to launch BORA Botanical Rum this Summer. Following nearly a decade of dreaming, two years of experimentation and refinement, and plenty of setbacks along the way, we’ve created what we believe is a truly unique spirit.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be distilling and launching BORA within the context of Cornwall’s rich distilling heritage.”


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