Milk refill station launched


A Newquay-based business has started selling ‘milk on tap’.

Since its launch at the beginning of the year, FreshPoint Local has been waging a war on unnecessary plastic packaging across its retail service, encouraging customers to use paper bags for fresh produce and recycled boxes or bags for life rather than plastic carriers.

And now it has introduced milk on tap from its Milk Refill Station.

Located on Springfield Road, just up from Asda, FreshPoint director, Rachel Craze, explained: “We are working with Rodda’s on this initiative to see a reduction in the use of plastic milk bottles.

“We have traditional glass milk bottles which customers can purchase or they can bring their own bottle which we simply refill with Cornish milk which is sourced from Cornish farms within 30 miles of Rodda’s Creamery in Scorrier.”

Almost 36 million plastic bottles are used every day in the UK yet less than 20 million are recycled with the remainder going to landfill. FreshPoint hopes that its refill machine is a small step to reducing unnecessary plastic waste in Newquay.

“We made a conscious decision to sell the bottles at cost,” added Craze. “This is an environmental initiative which we hope will encourage Newquay to change the way milk is purchased.”