Sun shines on health centre



A health centre in Cornwall has practically halved its electricity bills after working with energy company Natural Generation to install solar panels.

The roof mounted system, designed and installed by Perranporth-based Natural Generation, is a 25kW system made up of 97 roof panels.

Pool Health Centre had the system installed in June with the view to providing security against the rising cost of electricity and reducing their carbon footprint.

“Installing the system has given us huge savings,” said Doctor Julie Boissonade.

“We’ve seen a 45% reduction on our electricity bill when compared to last year plus there are obviously significant reductions in our carbon emissions.”

Despite changes to the way individuals and businesses are paid back for installing green energy via feed in tariffs, Natural Generation says the savings still add up.

MD, Ivor Thomson, said: “If companies are in a position to use a large proportion of the energy generated themselves then the figures still stack up nicely.”