Smart move from Wattstor

Wattstor’s MD, Mark Smith, with his company’s export-limiting smart switch
Wattstor’s MD, Mark Smith, with his company’s export-limiting smart switch

A local company that is leading the way in managing and storing free energy has launched a “revolutionary” export limiting smart switch.

Known as the IMP (Intelligent Management of Power) and developed by Wattstor Ltd, the device controls where and when energy is used to make the most of free power generated from renewable sources, such as solar or wind. It turns on equipment when electricity is free or cheap and limits the export of electricity back to the grid.

 Currently the national grid is struggling to cope with the volume of renewable energy that is being pumped back into it, so power companies are starting to actively discourage installations in domestic and commercial properties.

IMP solves the problem by directing surplus power into equipment that is needed most (refrigeration or heating for example) and then into battery pack energy storage to use on site.

Wattstor MD, Mark Smith, explained: “The aim of the IMP, which was developed by our expert Rob Such, is to maximise the consumption of clean, safe and free renewable energy generated on site.

“It acts like the conductor of an orchestra, deciding what plays and when. It directs power into the electrical equipment a home or business considers most critical and charges the batteries so, even in a power cut, there’s power available. It even keeps your renewables running during power cuts.

“At a time when many renewable energy projects can’t connect to the grid, we know the IMP can make a real difference.

“The IMP can enable these projects to connect and progress, whilst making sure all of the energy generated is used locally and beneficially rather than wasted.

We’ve installed the device at a number of sites in Cornwall including the multi-award winning eco-site, Bosinver Farm Cottages. We are now ramping up sales and distribution nationwide.”